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Your FaceCradle Travel Sleeper has removable pillow covers.  These covers,  Dreamlight and Sleeping Class eye masks can be cleaned and treated under the following conditions:-


Warm wash.       No bleach          Warm Iron       Do not Dry Clean    Tumble Dry

                                                                                                                   Low Heat


We want people the world over to get sleep in transit so there should be a Sleeping Class store in every major airport, international or interstate train or bus station or retail complex where travellers frequent.  For enquiries regarding a business cooperation, please email us at


We collect personal indentifiable information, such as your email address, name, home or work, address or telephone number.  We encourage you to review the privacy statements of Web sites you choose to link to from our site so you can understand how those Web sites collect, use and share your information.  We are not resonsible for the privacy statements or other content on Web sites outside of our site and  our family of Web sites.


We take safety very seriously.  Your FaceCradle Travel Sleepers have a built-in safety release to prevent choking or tripping on board or elsewhere.  Attachment and typical use of the safety harness to an airline winged headrest will not damage the headrest or cause injury provided standard airline safety procedures are followed.  This includes but is not limited to, fastening seatbelts and packing your Sleeping Class Travel Pillow away when the fasten seat belt sign is illuminated.  This means detaching your travel pillow from the headrest and stowing under the seat in front or in the overhead locker.  With many thousands of this kind of product sold world wide, not once has it been reported that this product has ever caused a safety issue.  To the contrary,  a FaceCradle Travel Sleeper is made predominantly from memory foam which can provide protective support in the unlikely case of an accident.

As of the date of this statement, only Jetstar and Qantas have a policy that refers to attachment of products to their aircraft seats.  It is our understanding this policy was introduced to stop products that cause tripping hazards and restrict the seat from reclining.  It was not to prohibit travel pillow attachment.  The Jetstar and Qantas policies enable the flight attendant the discretion to allow such use.   There is no proven, or in our opinion, valid reason why your FaceCradle safety harness cannot be attached to the seat headrest but  should you be requested to detach it,  we suggest you politely point out it is at the flight attendants discretion and ask would they please permit it.  If the flight attendant insists,  you must comply with the instructions otherwise severe penalties may apply.  You should then consider your choice of airlines for future trips.


We agree and support airline policies regarding the importance of passenger safety.  That is why we stress the importance of sleep in transit.  It is critical to health and wellbeing.  Good sleep in transit means passengers arrive more alert and less likely to be involved in potentially life threatening accidents.  It also means the bodies immune system can better fight virus's and disease, particularly when in a foreign country.


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