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Guarantee Policy
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When it comes to our products and service, we promise to be fair and reasonable to ensure a satisfactory outcome for our customers.

Your product is guaranteed for life against manufacturing,  design or shipment related fault. This guarantee provides a replacement product or part (where applicable), it is not a money back guarantee.  Essentially, we cover the cost of mistakes we make. To validate any claim under this policy please provide your proof of purchase.


If however, you feel you would like a replacement product or part or your money back and your reason is not because of a manufacturing, design or shipping related fault, please don’t think we won’t help you to resolve the issue.  We will.  Our sole purpose is to get you more comfort and sleep in transit.  It is critical to your health and wellbeing. 

The assessment and subsequent decision of all claims under this policy are at the sole discretion of Hairy Turtle Pty Ltd  (Owner of Upgrade to Sleeping Class).  Below is our policy under the various categories and circumstances.

1. Manufacturing, Design or Shipment Related Fault.

These are faults where we made a mistake when the product was being manufactured, designed or being shipped to you. For example, you received it faulty, it broke during use but you did not cause the breakage, or we did not ship it under the offered terms and conditions.  Please also see our Shipping Policy below for further information.

Where it is determined to be the case under this category, we will replace the complete product or ship you a replacement part (where reasonable) including the cost of the freight to your original delivery address.

A written description and pictures will be required to validate the fault.

Hairy Turtle Pty Ltd reserve the right to request you return the faulty product to a local address at the purchasers cost however this would be unlikely in most cases.


2. Grey Area.


This applies to faults where it is not clear if the product was damaged by the user or it was related to category 1., above.

Our engineers are experienced at identifying if our product has been made incorrectly, damaged in transit or something happened during use to cause any issue. In some cases, it is not clear and is classified as a Grey Area. 

In this case,  we will send a replacement product or part (where reasonable) at our cost and under the same terms and conditions as category 1., above.


3. Mistakes or change of mind by our customer.


This applies to issues relating to the purchaser’s actions, things outside of our control.  Such circumstances include, but or not limited to,  accidentally breaking or damaging the product, ordering the wrong item and change of mind or requirement.  We take care to describe and present the products as best we can, to give the customer a clear understanding of what is being ordered. 

Whilst we do not take responsibility for our customers actions, it doesn’t mean we won’t be there to help.  We understand things can change or misakes happen.  This might mean us asking you to purchase a new product at a heavy discount or sending you a low-cost spare part to rectify the issue.  It may even mean deciding to give you  a partial or full refund if the issue has caused you financial hardship.  Such decisions will be made solely at our discretion.

In general terms, our experience suggests that customers sometimes make a hasty decision and want to send a product back, without trying or using the product correctly.  Customers can often underestimate our product or misunderstand how good it is.  We think it is in the best interest of our customers to keep and use their product on all future trips, not just the next one.  We would ask your patience to allow us to help you.

We also don't want to see a customer get the wrong idea about our products, brand or service, get a refund then communicate incorrect information, which misleads others.  We are very proud of our products and company and want to protect and enhance our reputation. 

Our products give you your best option for sleep in economy, that is our promise to you. SHOP NOW

Shipping Policy & Info


Your order will take 1-2 working days to prepare and load to the freight company truck. 


After we have completed the tracking paperwork, we will email you a shipping confirmation with a link to track your order progress.

Usually this link we be either to the freight company directly or to 17track, a one stop location which provides information for all carriers for both outbound (from the country where your order is shipped and its freight company) and inbound (your local freight company).  Sometimes inbound and outbound are not the same freight company.


We offer two types of order shipping.  Both use air as the transit method.

  1. Free Shipping – will take 9-12 working days to most destinations (allow 3-4 days longer for remote locations).  This method normally uses the national postal service in most countries.

  2. Priority or Express Shipping – will take 3-5 working days and uses companies such as DHL or FedEx who take responsibility for both outbound and inbound freight.


Note:  The term “Working Days” is important.  This does not include weekends or public holidays so please consider this carefully to manage your expectations.


Delays beyond our control (unusual event) :  It is the nature of international air freight to have delays caused by external incidents, weather or other “acts of god”.   The world economy has also experienced business shut downs due to viral infections.  These are also an unusual event.  Your local customs department can also hold parcels at their discretion.  Whilst such delays are not normal or within our control, we will push to get your order to you as early as possible.  Such delays may result in your order arriving after it is first needed.  We do not replace or refund under these circumstances because our products can be used thereafter, however we will judge each case on its merits and may, at our sole discretion, grant a replacement or refund for reasons such as financial hardship.

Various circumstances can occur with the shipping of your order and how we treat it is as follows –


Parcel shipped late – If our fulfillment centre shipped your parcel out more than 2 days after your order date, providing the reason was not an unusual event, we will accept order cancellation and a refund after the parcel arrives and is returned, if this is the request of the customer.

Parcel was received late – If your parcel arrives later than the indicated time and the reason was not due an unusual event, we will refund the order if requested,  only after receiving the returned parcel.  Note:  The indicated time is in working days.  You must add the order preparation time, weekends and public holidays to the time.

Tracking shows an attempt was made to deliver the parcel, but it was returned to the local freight depot the customer is responsible to facilitate the delivery at their address, of the parcel, or collect it from the local freight depot.  The depot will hold the parcel for a limited time and thereafter return the parcel to “sender”. 

We will assist and communicate with 3rd parties, to try to locate your parcel and get it back on track for delivery.  We will provide a replacement product if/when the product is received back in our possession.  Note:  It is most likely we will not get the product returned as it must be shipped back to China.  We do not refund in these circumstances but will consider each case and possibly re-send the order at our sole discretion.  The customer should take care to follow the tracking information and should the parcel be returned to the depot, collect it promptly.

Tracking shows the parcel was delivered but the customer claims not to have received it the customer should check with other parties at the address who were there at the time of delivery, or check with the local freight company to confirm the delivery was made or otherwise. 

Unfortunately, if our contracted freight company confirms delivery was made, we will not replace the order or provide a refund.  The customer and freight company must take care to ensure the security of the delivery and the customer should take this issue up with the freight company or the local police if it is suspected to be stolen.  We will provide our full assistance and will consider providing a substantial discount to re-order the product upon request.

Parcel/product arrived damaged.  This circumstance is covered under our Product Guarantee Policy, see above under 1.)


For further questions relating to our policies please reach out to us

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