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People carrying Facecradle travel pillows


Sleep in transit is vital to your health and wellbeing.  That is why we do what we do. As experienced travelers, we are committed to upgrading you to sleeping class! 

Our Founder - David Scrimshaw

Our founder David Scrimshaw is a prolific frequent flyer.  David became tired of not sleeping in transit and arriving at the other end, feeling terrible.  That's not the way to start a holiday, business trip or any journey.  So, he decided to do something about it. ​

In 2015, he was travelling with his wife Roz, from Wellington, New Zealand.  Roz was tired and leaned forward, holding her head in her hands and said, "If only something could hold my head like this,  I could sleep."  David looked across the isle and saw a guy slumped forward, "wearing" a neck pillow.  David said "They sell those things by the thousands and they're useless.  If I could make those do what you need, we could be onto something."  That was when the idea of FaceCradle and an Upgrade to Sleeping Class, was born. 

In August 2016, FaceCradle was launched on Kickstarter, breaking all time records, raising NZD 1.5 Million and obtaining over 250 Million video views on social media.  

As an experienced traveller, David knew the key to getting extended hours of sleep in transit is not just about the revolutionary comfort and support of FaceCradle.  It is also important to cancel noise, block out light and do several other small things that all add up.

David has designed, developed or hand selected all the products you see in our stores and here in our webstore. He specifically chose only the features and characteristics, best suited for travel.

David founded Australian Power Tool brand, Ozito.  He later established Australia's most innovative company (as awarded by Thompson Reuters) and has won multiple international design awards.

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