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How it works.

1. Get your head 

   more horizontal

2. Support your head        AND upper body

Upgrade to Sleeping Class

3. Get more comfort        position options

4. Cancel Noise

5. Block out light

6. ...& other things      that matter

  • Recovery & Jetlag supplements.

  • Travel Compression Socks (coming soon)

  • Natural Sleep Supplements (coming soon)

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    Economy class isn't, but an Upgrade to Sleeping Class is...

    Gleishe ANC Headphones V2 Small_edited.jpg



    Travel can be noisy, cancel out background noise and fully relax...

    Smuggie Wanderlust.jpg


    Sleep in a natural position, fully supported, and not slumped over...

    Citrus 2 x 10 pack pic2.JPG


    Plane travel can increase the chances of dehydration, stay hydrated...



    Help to produce melatonin but creating the perfect sleep environment...

    Airport Group-Square.jpg



    Combat jetlag, arrive happy and well rested...

    Facecradle sleep forward
    Noise Cancelling headphones
    Eye Mask

    Each night you sleep in a dark room or at least the light is controlled by you.  When the cabin or reading lights are switched on or window shades are opened by others, this disturbs and wakes you.


    Airlines for example, provide free eye masks but these have single elastic straps that pull the mask from a central point.  This puts pressure across your eyes and they almost always let light in, just like that annoying space in the blind of your hotel room. 


    Upgrade to Sleeping Class eye masks all have wider straps with the mask wrapping further around your face taking pressure off your eyes.  They are designed with a concave shape that allows you to freely blink your eyes.

    The soft memory foam hugs your face and closes every little gap to give you full blockout.


    Sleep in transit is vital to your health and wellbeing.  No longer is a flatbed seat your only option.  This brilliant patented technology, now provides an Upgrade to Sleeping Class, you buy just once.

    Invented by prolific frequent fliers, for sleep, it's better than an extended leg room or premium econonomy upgrade.

    Our FaceCradles are designed to provide many more comfort options with support that keeps you comfortable.  The technology of our Active Noise Cancelling Headphones make your trip much quieter.  The face mapping technology of our Eye Masks,  give you complete darkness.

    A business or first class seat is a mechanical device that provides the ultimate horizontal comfort and support in transit.  An Upgrade to Sleeping Class is your next best option.  After that, there is daylight.  You can pay for upgrades with more leg room and a wider seat, better food and service but they really don't get you more sleep.  Not like an Upgrade to Sleeping Class.

    Here's why:-  


    Comfort and Support:



















    Supplements & Accessories:


    We develop and hand select other items that aid your comfort and ability to sleep and to arrive rested and ready to go.  We care about your health and wellbeing, particularly when you travel.  

    Cancel Noise:


    Constant engine and air gushing noise, is not normal, so it

    disturbs your sleep in transit. Our Upgrade to Sleeping Class

    Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Headphones, listen to this 

    constant noise and electronically transmit a sound wave that

    cancels it out.  It is so much better than regular headphones. 


    If you're listening to relaxing music, it means you can turn the

    volume down and hear it clearer.  If you have the music off,

    the environment is much quieter, making it easier to sleep. 

    But is the sound quality of these headphones any good you

    ask?  We challenge you to tell the difference between any

    well known brand.  Awesome base, crystal clear music with

    components of the finest quality, using the latest circuit

    boards and technology, these headphones are incredible.


    When comparing please note our headphones are all with

    ANC.  Others are similarly priced and don't have this

    important travel feature.

























    When your head is vertical, it says to your brain, you're awake.  When it's horizontal, you're asleep.  So if you can get comfortable support with your head off the vertical angle, you can get to sleep faster and stay asleep for much longer.  That's what FaceCradle does.


    When we get into bed each night, it is part of our ritual to toss and turn before settling into our sleep position.  When forced to sleep sitting upright as you doze off, your body slumps and you become uncomfortable, and you wake.  Finding that comfort position becomes much more frustrating in transit.  Not anymore.  FaceCradle can be adjusted into many different comfort positions but importantly, your head AND body are supported, so as you doze off, you fall into your FaceCradle, not off it and you stay comfortable.








    Block Out Light:


















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