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Earbuds, ANC, Bluetooth

Earbuds, ANC, Bluetooth

$129.95 Regular Price
$99.95Sale Price

These Gleishe ANC, Bluetooth Earbuds are incredible!


With a double tap of the left earbud, you can toggle between ANC off,  ANC on and transperancy modes.


ANC (active noise cancelling) function uses two inbuilt microphones to listen for annoying background noise.  It then transmits a sound wave over the top of the annoying sound and the effect is to cancel out up to 90% of that noise.  It is genius!   Aircraft and vehicle engine noise is gone, the wooshing of the wind, gone!  It leaves you to listen peacefully to music or or doze off to much better sleep.


Transperancy mode turns off ANC and amplifies the sound outside your earbuds.  This mode is used when someone speaks to you and you want to hear what they are saying, without removing your earbuds!   This feature is only available in the very latest and highest quality earbuds.


Like with all Gleishe products, the sound engineering is high level.  This is a product you will love for a long time.

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